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Thoughts of a Harley rider…

Live To Ride, Ride To Live...

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I offer here on this site my comments and information related to those topic areas which interest me. My hope is that my pages will generate some kind of discussion between myself and anyone who happens to stumble across my ramblings!!

I've also rediscovered the fun of getting back into the saddle after too many years in a car, so here I will be adding blog entries all about riding out and enjoying the open roads - riding a new Harley Davidson Super Glide Custom.

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Welcome to my on-line home...

This is my personal website, designed, built, and edited entirely by me. This is my way of staying connected both to those whom I know and with those I have not yet met who may share similar interests to myself with regards to technology (especially Apple), music (Anything goes!!), wines and Harley Davidson Motorcycles - remember "Loud Pipes, Save Lives"
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