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Time To Ride - Part II

The training is going well, am booked in for a whole day at the end of the month, getting me fully trained for my Bike Test, been checking out the slalom, figure of 8 and emergency stops - EVERYTHING that Tim my Instructor has been coaching me on, “just remember to let the bike run ..” Tim’s wise words of wisdom, “Allow the bike to tick over and you just use the clutch and remember to look ahead in your turning..”

Once I’ve taken (and hopefully) passed my test at the end of this month I will be booking a few test rides at
Sycamore Harley in Uppingham, I’m seriously taken with the Fat Bob that Harley Davidson have built from Street Bob and the Fat Boy. A real Street Brawler that has a great power train with an Air Cooled Twin Cam 96 engine on the chassis, 1584CC of raw HD power!!

Dripping with attitude and menacing looks, the Fat Bob® motorcycle is a back alley brawler that everyone sees (and hears coming - it’s well known that “Loud Pipes Save Lives”).

The aggressive looking beefy handlebar is truly reminiscent of an aggressive quarter mile monster. The wide stance with 16” front wheel takes the fat custom look to a whole new dimension. The Fat Bob® model features a distinctive cast chrome double headlamp bucket that blasts open the night so you can see everything in your path.

I think that the only modification which I will be making will be running boards and a two up seat.. all that’s needed really as well as adding some leather bags for my work stuff, well I am an Engineer!!

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